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Benchmarks 2021

Average metrics for the period for each FLS with additional colour coding of green as 80% or more achievement, amber as 50–79% achievement and red as <50% achievement; except for: i) B 2 Spine fractures – where green shows >20%, amber 11-19% and red <10% and ii) B 6 where green shows >50% and red <50% achievement. Figures given in per cent (%), except where noted.
More information for each metric can be viewed under ‘Benchmark about’ on the left hand banner.
FLS Service/Unit Unit code Total records submitted KPI 2 Cases identified KPI 3 Spine fractures KPI 4 Assessment within 90 days KPI 5 DXA within 90 days KPI 6 Falls risk assessment KPI 7 Bone treatment KPI 8 Strength & Balance by 16 weeks KPI 9 16 week follow up KPI 10 Treatment by 1st followup KPI 11 1 year drug adherence
1. National averagesAll 4932726.27.572.747.952.748.54.114.423.820.4
Anglian Community Enterprise FLSACE 15.6086.72028.633.30000
Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustAHX 85343.312.495.
Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospital Hospitals TrustOLD 28410.5330.631.198.648.9226.557.65
Barnet HospitalBNT 36419.67.393.168.79765.119.539.75660.4
Basildon and Thurrock HospitalBAS 1.1000000000
Bedford HospitalBED 1.1000000000
Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation TrustBRD 69645.9106.383.572.565.920.26.83352.1
Bromley Healthcare Falls and Fracture Prevention ServiceBRH 55928.11.398.783.710045.1077.358.60
Broomfield HospitalBFH 93542.4298.18.4.3520000
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustSMV 54632.26.599.125.495.591.80.410
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust FLSADD 62027.4089.870.331.575.
Croydon University HospitalCRY 826.22.310098.5100500000
Diana Princess of Wales HospitalGGH 80750.96.97667.548.550.4033.858.927.9
Dorset County HospitalWDH 137188.243.798.261.744.351.89.65.318.110
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation TrustKCC 3708.313.213.552.410000000
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS TrustBLA 45119.2.686.364.334.326.402.537.336.4
East Surrey HospitalESU 91835.
East Sussex HealthcareESH 3019.5.634.648.699.349.54.4.726.80
Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS TrustSHC 65331.36.585.814.510055.313.931.948.929.1
General FLSYYY 2.1.2500000000
Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation TrustSTH 1137110.445.693.62.295.50000
King's College Hospital - Denmark Hill SiteKCH 192.9089.50000000
Medway NHS Foundation TrustMDW 104651.77.425.32.247.729.
Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation TrustMKH 17311.6884.425.764.439.928.925.443.327.3
Morriston Hospital, ABMHUMOR 109939.67.499.56049.984.315.128.52851.6
Musgrove Park HospitalMPH 160863.817.169.349.898.270.919.119.828.7
North Bristol NHS TrustFRY 199369.314.475.9132.441.9078.1
North Middlesex University Hospitals NHS TrustNMH 291.5.886.213.366.720.700200
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation TrustNTG 149078.810.699.979.672.856.10000
North West Anglia NHS Foundation TrustPET 69227.32.289.363.19834.701.21.71.7
Nottingham City Care Partnership CICNCP 26.7.561.5010061.518.212.512.50
Nottingham FLSCHN 211750.7099.52.966.446.800.6.2
Oxfordshire Fracture Prevention ServiceRAD 291882.117.371.86397.563.61.720.836.733.8
Poole Hospital NHS Foundation TrustPGH 1333284.36280.775.634.3.78.527.828.8
Portsmouth & Southeast HampshireQAP 184846.82.997.869.982.545.70.500
Queen Elizabeth Hospital LewishamGWH 112372.96.81.10019.10000
Royal Berkshire FLSRBE 76935.427.8978626.557.93.839.933.941.3
Royal Derby HospitalDER 114338.56.282.896.9065.4.203.90
Royal Surrey County HospitalRSU 49029.312.996.774.492.447.68.316.841.41.3
Royal United HospitalBAT 154753.816.293.536.284.167.7015.438.6
Salford Royal NHS Foundation TrustSRH 70545.
Salisbury NHS Foundation TrustSAL 70543.537.396.364.477.349.8.61726.10
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS TrustSAN 27015.71128.58.697.449.61.812.20
St George's HospitalGEO 83873.551.325.210097.930.51.9.423.50
Sunderland Royal HospitalSUN 134470.716.699.668.669.146.44.72751.90
The Haywood Hospital, Burslem, Stoke on TrentHAY 182950.538.96872.577.
The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustHIL 244222.795.972.251.944.346.743.929.936.2
The Ipswich Hospital NHS TrustIPS 168470.67.542.933.589.544.611.314.812.3
The Rotherham NHS Foundation TrustROT 41734.914.222.516.423.641.5001.20
United Lincolnshire TrustLIN 802.206.411.411.20000
University Hospital LewishamLEW 35544.43.879.77246.838.9332148.637.2
University Hospital LlandoughLLD 81230.54.780.45.441.443.15.230.931.254.3
University Hospital North Durham & Darlington Memorial HospitalDAR 159743.83.826.58.41.528.71.512.550.463
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustQEB 98141.41.19973.794.
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation TrustBRI 149498.636.390.866.44.761.66.213.32619.2
University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation TrustSGH 34910.92.2052.615.249.91.538.540.29.5
West Middlesex hospitalWMU 1.100001000000
West Suffolk NHS Foundation TrustWSH 84348.712.170.758.165.752.621.562.665.562.6
Weston General HospitalWGH 685.1392.657.132.852.90204057.1
Wye Valley NHS TrustHCH 905482.797.7.497.287.20000
Yeovil HospitalYEO 137990.153.346.526.985.563.52.716.855.132.8