About the security tests

Data security is important and in common with all secure websites, we need to ensure that data is protected by the strongest security available. This means that software used to access secure data must be secure too. Unfortunately, older software is vulnerable to modern security threats and must be upgraded or changed.

Our security checks are designed to ensure that your current browser is safe and can access audit data. We check that:

1. Your software is not too old (like Microsoft IE 7 and IE 8).
2. Your software is using the latest security data access method (You are using 'TLS 1.2' to communicate over the internet).
3. Your software meets certain minimum internet standards and performance requirements.

This check will test your browser. If the checks pass, then you can sign in as normal. If not, your software will need upgrading or fixing.

Please contact your IT support team and ask them to help or ask them to recommend a newer, safer browser.

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